• Michael Collins

The Scarlet Knight Lives

The Book with No Name Volume Two: The Scarlet Knight went live on Amazon today. I hope people find this book and enjoy it. The book changed how I write, and I hope it was for the better.





What is the nature of a hero?

Bill found himself sitting by the water, staring out at it, wondering if it was deep enough to drown. He wasn’t necessarily suicidal; he just liked having options. Bill was fifteen, about five-foot-seven and one-hundred pounds with reddish-brown hair. Most people would call him awkward looking, with arms and legs that seemed too long for his body. Bill is stuck in an impossible situation. His life is spiraling down a hole of death or jail when he found a red leather book with gold gilding, a book with no name.

As the Scarlet Knight, Bill finds love and adventure, and all it will cost him is his soul. As the knight, Bill finds himself in between two worlds and a war for control of Hell and a drug set to destroy the living world. The story goes from the parks of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to the distant reaches of a purgatory made for the dammed. The Silver Knight spreading a drug and the Orange Knight trying to control Hell and rebuild Hitler’s thousand-year rule and the mysterious Gold Knight with her own agenda. The book as a will of its own and temptation can lead the purest of hearts astray.


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