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The O’Shea Gang rides

I just published my seventh book and my first western. Wilhelmina Patricia O’Shea escaped the fires of her family’s home and shame after the fall of the south at the end of the civil war. She went west looking to escape her fate as property and take on a new role as an outlaw, robber, thief the leader of a gang, The O’Shea Gang.

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This was the third book in the three westerns I wrote over the last three years. As a stand-alone story (with hints of the other two), it was the easiest to finish and edit for publication. With this story done, I have just two more (not counting a story I published on Hub Pages) stories to edit (A Town Called Hope Vol One: The Knuckle Smash Kid & Vol Two: Joleen Warren). I also have three books in the works, but I just started them, and there’s a lot of work to do (while I go to work).

· A Town Called Hope Vol One: The Knuckle Smash Kid

· A Town Called Hope Vol Two: Joleen Warren

New Stories

· Dealing Justice 4: Name coming soon

· The Book with No Name Vol Three: The Emerald Badge

· Evading Dragons


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