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Naturally Moronic

Welcome to Lakemoron, In this Blog I hope to show my attempts at becoming an amateur fiction author with Amazon as well as on Hub Pages.

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The Knuckle Smash Kid & Serving Justice in Hope

This has been a busy couple of days. I published two books in a series. The Knuckle Smash Kid and its sequel Serving Justice in Hope. With those published, I’m officially out of my past work (not counting a story I have published on Hub Pages). Of the two, The Knuckle Smash Kid required the most work.

The Knuckle Smash Kid is about a sheriff of a small town that learns his life was made into a series of books, painting him as a gunslinging icon of the west. He finds out when a young woman comes to town to meet him and sleep with him.

Serving Justice in Hope is set twenty years after the events of the Knuckle Smash Kid.



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