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I started publishing my Stories

About a month ago I started to publish on Amazon. as of right now I have four books published on Kindle and paperback.

Amazon Author Page


I released the next part of the Dealing Justice story called Dealing Justice 3: Wendy’s War. Wendy’s War gives a view of the first two stories from the perspective of a person that was at the ranch. Wendy used her past to fight a war along the border and at home. After the death of a friend Wendy starts to question her motives. At the same time, another group moves in using harsh tactics, killing those people Wendy is trying to save. Will Wendy keep fighting? Will the outsiders win? Can the war on drugs be won with violence? Will I stop asking questions?

Dealing Justice 4 is in the works. Set on a college where Jessica, a girl with a tragic past, learns to cope with the new realities of college life. With the help of a roommate named Ying (Book 1 & 2), they will face a new drug that is turning people psychotic.

I think the story will be done by June.


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